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Thomas Hintermaier, portrait photo
I am a professor of economics at the University of Bonn, Germany.
My fields of specialization are macroeconomics and financial economics.
Recently, I have also been a member of the Executive Committee for the ADEMU project.

Here is a link with some information on my current teaching.

Here is a link to my CV, containing contact details.

 Some of my recent research is linked in the following:

"Differences in Euro-Area Household Finances and their Relevance for Monetary-Policy Transmission"
(joint with Winfried Koeniger)
CESifo Working Paper No. 7088, original version May 2018, current version November 2019 [Link]

"Towards Understanding Differences in European Household Finances" (joint with Winfried Koeniger)
A video describing this project is available via ADEMU at YouTube.

"Household Debt and Crises of Confidence" (joint with Winfried Koeniger)
Quantitative Economics, vol. 9(3), November 2018 [Open Access Link]
A non-technical essay relating to this paper is available as a VOXeu-column.

Please find a list with links to online resources
for all my
published research and for a collection of my working papers
at my entry at IDEAS/RePEc which is linked here.